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Design competition

At this moment its  time for some fun again!


Hopefully the sunny weather will come soon and we can enjoy doing gymnastics outside in a nice and comfortable sports top.

At the moment we are working hard on a new collection with many different designs of sports tops, but this collection can always be supplemented with even more cool designs and you can help.


We do not have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in this design competition,  I don't  know how many winners there will be.

During this design competition all designs worthy of the upcoming collection win, this could be 2 or 3, but who knows also 10.


If your design wins, it will not only be added to the new collection, but you will also get your own design. All your gymnastics friends can also enjoy your design through a unique discount code that you receive and may distribute.


What should you do:

- Download the file below, here you will find the form on which the top must be designed.

- Be creative, you can make the design digitally but also with pencils, markers, paint, glitter and many more things.

- When your design is ready, you can send it to, don't send them to my instagram or Facebook

- You can go all out. If you have the idea to make a special backing, you do not have to stay within the lines of the design.


the rules of this year:

- Designs may NOT be copied from existing designs tops or leotards (so be creative)

- You also automatically give permission at the time of submitting that glitterpakjes can use your design or idea as inspiration even when you don't win

Anyone can joy in this competition, as long as you are original.

You can send your design until Sunday 23 May 2021, so everyone has plenty of time to make a beautiful design.

As a person you may send multiple designs, 

Lots of fun and good luck

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