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Design competition

It is time to design!!!

Exactly three years ago, the very first Glitterpakjes design competition came online. A lot of beautiful and special designs are made. That is why we are going to hold a design competition for the 4th time.


1st prize: wins her own designed leotard

2nd prize: got 50% discount on her own design

3rd prize: got 30% discount on her own design

* an extra winner for children under 7 years old


What should you do:

- Download the file below, you can design your leotard on this file

- Be creative, you can make the design digitally, but also with pencils, markers, paint, glitter and many more things.

- When your design is ready, you can send it to, don't send them to my instagram or Facebook


some of  the rules this year:

- Designs may NOT be copied from existing leotards or resemble existing leotards too much. (so be creative)

- This is a leotard without sleeve, long sleeve designs do not count

- This design contest is for girls only (sorry for all boys)

- You also automatically give permission at the time of submitting that glitterpakjes can use your design as inspiration.


Anyone can joy in this competition, as long as you are original.

You can send your design until Sunday 17 October 2020, so everyone has plenty of time to make a beautiful design.

As a person you may send multiple designs, but only 1 of yours will have a chance to win.


After October 17, some of my followers will receive a message and can rate the designs that have been selected. The design with the most points wins.

Lots of fun and good luck

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